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Pedro's Judo History

Pedro’s Judo Center (formerly known as Massasoit Judo Club) has been producing champions for decades.

In the 1980’s, Jim Pedro Sr. had the strongest women’s team in the country and one of the best junior programs in the nation.

Jim Pedro Sr.
Founder, Pedro's Judo Center
7Th Degree Black Belt
1993 World Team coach
1979 Black Belt Hall of Fame Instructor of the Year

In the 1990’s, Jim's son; Jimmy; became the first Olympian from the club. Jimmy Pedro went on to become the most decorated judo athlete in US history, winning two Olympic medals (‘96 Bronze, ‘04 Bronze) and the 1999 World Championship title.  Jimmy Pedro is currently the Head Instructor at Pedro's Judo Center.

Jimmy Pedro
6Th Degree Black Belt
World Champion
4 Time Olympian
2 Time Olympic Bronze Medalist
Head Instructor, Pedro's Judo Center

In 2004, under the guidance of the Pedro family, Miss Ronda Rousey went on to win gold to claim the Junior World championship title.

Many great athletes have prepared and trained at Pedro’s Judo Center, including:

Jimmy Pedro Four-Time Olympian
Two-Time Olympic Bronze
World champion
Alex Ottiano Two-Time Olympian
Four-Time World Team Member
Four-Time US National Champion
Rhonda Rousey 2004 Olympian
2004 Jr. World Champion
2006 Jr. World Champion
Taraje Williams-Murray 2004 Olympian
Currently Ranked #4 US athlete 60kg
Rick Hawn 2004 Olympian
Currently Ranked #2 US athlete 81kg
Brandon Greczkowski 2000 Olympian
Cliff Sunada 1996 Olympian
Orlando Fuentes 1996 Olympian
Todd Brehe Three-Time World team member
Five-Time National Champion
Rhadi Ferguson 2004 Olympian

Pedro's Judo Center is affiliated with the the following groups:

  • New York Athletic Club (New York,NY)
  • Boulder Judo Training Center (Boulder, CO)
  • Cohen's Judo Club (Mundelein, IL)
  • Jason Morris Judo Club (Scotia, NY)
  • Mayo Quanchi Judo Club (West Warwick, RI)
  • Shidokan (Montreal, QC)
  • Pedro's Judo Center is sponsored by the following orginizations:

  • Zebra Mats
  • Hatashita Enterprises
  • New York Athletic Club (NYAC)

  • Judo is the one of the most competitive sports in the world.  If you have aspirations of becoming Olympic and/or World Champion, then you need professional guidance.

    At Pedro’s Judo Center, we take a professional and scientific approach to training and have been producing champions at the elite international level for years.

    In order for judoka to achieve success at the elite national and international levels, an athlete requires a comprehensive training program that incorporates judo training, strength and conditioning, nutrition, and mental preparation in an environment that is conducive to high performance.  At Pedro’s, we provide each of our athletes with an individualized development plan that includes a complete training and competition schedule aimed at maximizing that particular athlete’s performance.

    The Pedro family has a rich history of helping athletes become champions.